Let me briefly introduce myself,

I'm Joep de Ligt, a postdoctoral computational biologists with an intrest in research with a clear societal impact. In my view the biological data generated today is so rich no single researcher can ask all the relevant questions. To enable other researchers to ask relevant questions data and code sharing should be an integral part of a scientist's portfolio, hence this website.

Below I provide a condensed overview of my resume.
For a comprehensive overview of my publications please see my google scholar profile.

Scientific career
2013-current Hubrecht Institute & UMC Utrecht | Genomics Utrecht, NL
November- prof. dr. E. Cuppen Postdoc
Identifying rapid drug resistance mechanisms in colorectal cancer using multi-omics (RNA, protein, phosphorylation) in collaboration with NKI and UU.
And understanding the causes and effects of genomic stability in adult stem-cells.
Key publications;
  • van der Weide et. al. de Ligt Plos One 11(8) 2016
  • Prins & de Ligt et al. Nature Biotechnology 33(7):686-7 2015
  • Huch et al. Cell 160(1-2):299-312 2015
2013 Baylor College of Medicine | Molecular and Human Genetics Houston (USA, Texas)
January-April prof. dr. J. R. Lupski MD Visiting scientist
Exchange visit to asses the sensitivity of CNV detection in exomes and analysis of 200 exomes for Mendialian disorders.
Key publications;
  • Yamamato et al. Cell 159(1):200-14 2014
  • Bosch et al. Am J Hum Genet. 94(2):303-9 2014
  • de Ligt et al. Human Mutation 34(10):1439-48 2013
2009–2013 RadboudUMC | Human Genetics Nijmegen, NL
September-November prof. dr. H. G. Brunner & prof. dr. ir. J. A. Veltman PhD student
Detecting de novo Mutations in Intellectual Disability
Thesis defended on 7 April 2014 |
Key publications;
  • de Ligt et al. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 23(3):257-63 2013
  • de Ligt et al. New England Journal of Medicine 367(20):1921-9 2012
  • Vissers & de Ligt et al. Nature Genetics 42(12):1109-12 2010